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App Soul Bossa Nova


Bossa Nova is a sound that is part of a lifestyle, its rhythm, in which the pattern translates a mixture of enthusiasm and softness has therapeutic effects bringing to a relaxed and happy state of mind, the soul connected with the poetry of the notes, with the delicacy of the expression, the voice comes softly with themes of beauty and appreciation of nature (such as the beach, the sea, the breeze). The Soul Bossa Nova app brings the well-being of the philosophy of love, smile and flower.

Music is one of the arts that most deeply touches the human being. It is present in virtually all cultures and its origin is as remote as the origin of our own history. Bossa Nova has multiple layers of meaning and its relationship with the different elements of music, such as time, tones, melody, harmony, and mainly a pattern of rhythm, with its shape and silences. A bossa nova awareness that brings inspiration and joy.

According to studies related to anthroposophy, the Bossa Nova rhythm has a vibratory pattern with the power to act on our energy, a sophisticated sound energy state that influences our own body rhythm and the elements around us, with effects on our emotions and with the power to induce emotional states.

With the app we want to pay tribute to João Gilberto, the creator of the Bossa Nova rhythm, by his granddaughter Sofia Gilberto. That's why we want to create a Sofia avatar to illustrate the application together with beautiful images and photos of nature, animals, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (attached some images that can serve as a visual style, a style of collages of elements of the genre). Through Sofia we will show the musical ancestry added to the future of the new generation, with a Bossa Nova lifestyle: of love, of the boat that comes and goes in the calm of the sea, of appreciation, of delicacy, of the still voice and the guitar with her beat, which has a unique sound design in the world, the new beat, which reveals an atmosphere of the wonderful city, Rio de Janeiro, a postcard from Brazil to the world. In addition to Sofia's participation, singing and narrating stories and phrases, we are going to invite some important artists connected to the Universe of Bossa Nova to participate with us. Also creating, through the app, a community linked to the Bossa Nova movement and lifestyle. We are going to record a set of Sofia songs together with other important Bossa Nova artists. Bossa Nova changed Brazilian and world music, with its essence of always be jovial and playful, always new. With the concept of bringing the different, the modern. We will initially use the guitar, piano and percussion and in a few songs the violin and the flute. The rhythmic beat of the guitar is always present, the way João conducts in songs like Águas de Março, Undiú and É preciso perdoar. This is going to be the driving of the app's songs. As one comes and goes from hypnosis and meekness like a hammock by the sea. 

The artist Rubel will have a participation with Sofia, playing the guitar, singing and narrating stories and phrases.

Sessions (with themes from the Bossa Nova universe related to the Bossa Nova universe / lifestyle):

1. phrases of the day

2. Stories (with music themes) - we are going to ask Bossa Nova artists to create stories on top of the lyrics of their songs and narrate in the app.

3. Songs - by several authors that present the Bossa Nova rhythm

4. Sounds of nature mixed with Bossa Nova rhythms

5. Community of people linked to Bossa Nova around the world - The rhythm creates a special sphere of emotion and simulates identification processes within social groups expressing their interests.

6. Do you think it would be interesting to have a guided meditation part with the Bossa Nova rhythm in the background? Even teaching breathing exercises like Hong-Sau, JG loved to do and teach.

By coincidence at this point I just developed more than 15 authorial songs with Sofia that I think would fit in this app, Hideki Nakajima sent a JG songbook to Rubel and he is training the Bossa Nova rhythm a lot on the guitar and has another guitarist who lives next to me who also thought of calling Luizinho Alves, he is the son of bassist Luís Alves who plays with João Donato and is very good at the guitar. Rubel will develop with Sofia the chords on the piano. Hideki also created countless scores with the Bossa Nova rhythms created by João Gilberto and gave the rights to Sofia, he wants me to release the books, I thought of launching this into the app for access in the paid version.

I think the key now for the app to work is also to create a good worldwide community of Bossa Nova lovers, a community linked to the app. I have already created application pages on Facebook (ainda não visíveis para o público) and Instagram with the name Soul Bossa Nova. And we can get investments to suddenly start it free of charge to the public and in the future when we add more features and already have a good community we start charging subscriptions. Vamos ver o melhor caminho.

Community: the use of applications for streaming music is already part of the reality of most internet users. The differential of Soul Bossa Nova is the service tools. The user can access some lyrics and ciphers of the songs and has options to create their own Bossa Nova playlist and share with family and friends.I imagine that the app has a low value for monthly subscription in the Premium category and the free version of the app you will not be entitled to lyrics and song figures for example.

Soul Bossa Nova would use login via Facebook and would also have apps for iOS and Android, making video streaming gathering music clips from YouTube, Vevo, among others. Allowing you to create playlists, search for the genre Bossa Nova, explore new albums and follow other users. Focused 100% on Bossa Nova, the service allows you to search for music, in addition to listening to the highlights of this rhythm and finding really unique songs. The app will consist of a center to find Bossa Nova music and clips with highlights for the most successful songs. All the music you like can be shared with friends on Facebook (like on Napster and Mixer Box). 

I think the look should be very colorful, but with class and sophistication, images of nature, beaches, animals, I really like the style collage, I put some images that I have attached from the internet as an attachment just to exemplify the style I like and not as something that should necessarily be followed. As I said, the drawing of the girl on the wine bottle I put as a style idea for the avatar of Sofia.

I send the images in a next message, including the logos, I am not able to attach them here, they are in a non-compatible format.

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